The Intersection of Lighting Innovation, Sustainability & Savings

Sustainability & Innovation

Green Light National’s budget-friendly, Earth-first LED lighting solutions deliver proven bottom-line results for companies across North America.

Green Light is a recognized leader in the push for sustainable, cost-effective and innovative lighting strategies. We are guided by two overarching principles: a commitment to environmental stewardship through the reduction of energy consumption and emissions, and a goal of helping businesses achieve meaningful cost savings through dramatic reductions in energy usage. In recent years, we have partnered with companies like Nestlé Waters, helping them achieve sustainability goals while reducing their carbon footprint.

For Nestlé Waters, we have implemented sustainability projects in 18 water-bottling plants throughout the United States and Canada. The projects are value-engineered to bring lower energy costs, a controllable smart-lighting system, improved light levels, maintenance-free LEDs and an overall safer work environment to each plant. We installed a smart lighting system with a software program called LightRules allowing each Nestlé Waters plant to customize its LED solution. This smart lighting system gathers valuable data such as energy consumption, energy-trend monitoring and detection of deteriorating hardware. LightRules has enabled each plant to uniquely tune its light levels, implement daylight harvesting, collect heat-map occupancy data and much more via personal computers or smartphones. These smart-lighting features allow the plants to maximize their savings beyond the simple wattage reduction that LEDs offer.

“We’re thankful for all the customers that have granted us the opportunity to work with them, as it’s our mission to help make this planet a better place,” said Green Light President Chris Kent. Special thanks go out to Kate Weaver, a Nestlé Waters Supplier Diversity Manager, for her LinkedIn recognition of Green Light National’s LED lighting solutions for Nestlé Waters. “It’s a nice surprise when one of your customers goes out of her way to mention your company in such a positive light. We value our partnership with Nestlé Waters and look forward to adding their Texas factories to our list of successful upgrades,” Kent said. Which are now completed and benefiting from our earth-friendly and energy-saving LED lighting solution.