LED Manufacturers with Reliable Customer-Centric Synergies

Customer Centric Synergies

Today’s ever-changing world of technology has driven the price of LED lighting down creating an inflated market of manufacturers leaving many consumers overwhelmed with choices and skeptical in product quality. It’s important to understand the factors that create quality in an LED light such as, efficacy (the Lumens per watt), the powering built-in driver, thermal management, and industry-standard certifications.  Green Light National believes in providing these qualities to our customers and we’ve done our due diligence to best determine which manufacturers will provide them for a cost-effective price. Choosing the wrong manufacturer can leave you with a cheaply made LED product having failing drivers and low efficacy, overall defeating the purpose of investing in better lighting.  Our research was based around countless product demos, learning all the components of LEDs and seeking out products that have passed industry-standard tests obtaining DL listed and UL ratings. This thorough research brought us to discover one of our favorite lighting manufacturers, Lumen Focus.

When we first found Lumen Focus, we were impressed at how well their product line and quality fit our business model, also being an American-made LED manufacturer based out of North Carolina. Lumen Focus has an expert management team with 28 years of experience in the lighting industry, and seasoned engineering staff from places like Phillips Lighting. They manufacture a superior but still affordable product that Green Light National often utilizes in commercial and industrial spaces.

From day one, Lumen Focus offered a high-grade LED design that fit our cost-effective and eco-friendly goals. They quickly became a trusted and diverse partner offering a wide variety of LED luminaires, each with an array of lumen packages and options to fit the needs of many projects.

Most of Lumen Focus’s core technology is powered by one of the best drivers on the market, made by Everline Universal Lighting Technology (Everline is a part of the Panasonic Group having a great reputation for the quality they produce). A unique feature some of their products come with is ReboardABILITY, which allows you to easily upgrade the LED boards on their fixtures, so in the future, you have the option to upgrade to the latest technology by simply swapping out the boards.

We most commonly use Lumen Focus for their warehouse lighting solutions, using their PBL model LED Highbay with an on/off occupancy sensor to maximize energy savings. They’ve recently expanded their product line into the exterior LED market, offering parking lot lighting, canopy lights, floodlights & area lighting.

While Lumen Focus is one of our most trusted manufacturers to work with for LED Lighting projects, we have many other expert partners we can consider when it comes to your LED solution. Our priority is being cost-effective for our customers and we have the resources to value-engineer the right solution to meet your lighting needs. Green Light National is here to simplify the process for you by sourcing the most efficient product, handling all the complexities of installation, along with researching any available incentives and utility rebates.  If you’re considering making the switch to an LED solution be sure to Request a Free Quote Today.