Nestle Waters

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Project Overview

Cumulative metrics across 18 Nestle Water facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

3.4 Million

Annual Energy Savings


Annual Maintenance Savings

1.3 Million

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Simple Payback

nestle waters

Nestle Waters Invests in Energy-Saving, Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

Green Light National (GLN) helped Nestlé Waters NA achieve corporate sustainability goals through advanced LED lighting projects across their North American manufacturing facilities. The completed result of these projects is millions of dollars in annual energy savings, safer workspaces for employees, and continued progress towards Nestle’s goal of zero net emissions across its entire supply chain.

In a three-year initiative, GLN outfitted 18 Nestlé Waters facilities with highly efficient LED Smart-lighting systems that went beyond a simple wattage reduction and cost savings. GLN’s intelligent LED solutions installed software-controlled light fixtures that enabled  Nestlé Waters to collect valuable data such as energy consumption, energy-trend monitoring, and heat-map detection. GLN’s smart lighting solutions also allowed Nestlé to implement daylight harvesting, creating further savings by taking advantage of ambient light where applicable.

Green Light National is committed to partnerships that empower companies like Nestlé Waters to move forward with sustainable, cost-effective, and innovative lighting solutions.