Electric Vehicle Charging

Turn-key EV Solutions

Our electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are ideal for business parks, airports, hotels, retail establishments, shopping malls, and much more.

Attract new talent with innovative technology.

Show your company's green leadership and help achieve sustainability goals.

Increase employee satisfaction by providing electric vehicle charging options.

EV Economics

Electric vehicles have been rapidly rising in popularity throughout the United States over the last few years, and it’s important that as their popularity continues to grow, the demand for EV charging stations is met.

As an Energy Services Company, we strive to stay ahead of the curve by providing sustainable and innovative energy solutions to our customers. The increase in Electric Vehicle sales has signaled a new demand for businesses to adopt EV charging options to their employees & customers.

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Three Types of Chargers

types of ev chargers

Level 1

Level 1 chargers usually come equipped when purchasing an electric vehicle and can be plugged into any standard 120V, 20A circuit. This unit provides around 4 miles per hour on its 1-3kW output; perfect for overnight residential home charging - but not ideal for commercial spaces where faster charging is wanted.

Level 2

Level 2 chargers are the most commonly available type of public charger. They can give around 25 miles of range per hour on average, but some models may go up to 60 miles of range per hour depending on the car and equipment. Manufacturers are often adding new abilities to level 2 chargers to make them more compatible as EV technology evolves.

Level 3

Level 3 chargers are the fastest option available. These DC Fast Chargers can provide up to 250 miles of range per hour with 50 to 125 miles of range chargeable in 15 minutes depending on the car and equipment.

Why Should You Install EV Charging Stations?

  1. Qualify for new incentives.
    • Saving money on the hardware and installation is just the beginning. EV Charging on your property qualifies you for lucrative tax incentives like rebates, write-offs, credits, and more. You will be saving green in every sense of the word.
    • You may be eligible for a nationwide tax credit for the purchase of new EV charging stations. The credit covers a portion (30%) of the cost of hardware and installation, up to $300,000 for commercial projects. There may also be additional incentives available from your local utility and/or state-funded programs
  2. Attract More People. 

    • Whether you are looking for new customers, tenants, staff, or to gain a competitive advantage, EV Charging stations are a great way to attract people.

  3. Stay Ahead of the curve. 

    • Acting now helps stimulate the expansion of this innovative infrastructure supporting renewable energy sources, while saving heaps of money.

  4. Improve your surroundings. 

    • With Charging stations at your site, you will become an active member in the fight against air pollution, while creating a green, cutting-edge image.