Have Someone Else Pay For Your New Energy Efficient Lighting Solution

Have someone else pay for your led upgrade

Take advantage of commercial LED lighting rebates & incentives.

Government programs at the national, state and local levels are financially motivating businesses to use less energy. Almost half of the energy consumed in the United States goes to use in commercial real estate. In major cities, commercial buildings account for more than 75% of carbon emissions. Offering incentives for businesses to upgrade to environmental friendly LED lighting cost less than trying to clean up the mess that we currently are facing. Business owners are being offered significant financial assistance from government and energy providers to upgrade to more energy-efficient LED lighting.

Green Light National will help you identify the points of greatest savings using energy provider incentives and government incentives. Green Light can purchase and install the necessary hardware, and set up a lease to own option that, when combined with energy savings, will cost less than what you’re are currently paying for electricity now.

Green Light National will maximize your savings with energy provider incentives and tax rebates available in all 50 states. If you have not yet completed a lighting upgrade, Green Light will review your planned upgrade and rebate filings at no cost to you–FREE–to ensure that you’re getting every dollar possible to lower your cost to upgrade.

CONTACT US – Discover The Incentives Towards Your Lighting Upgrade With Green Light National!

Did you know?
LEDs can wear out faster than fluorescent lights if they are not installed properlyLED Lights and LED Lighting have an extremely long lamp life in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent lights, but they are not immortal. As almost anything, LEDs will slowly fade over time. If an incompatible driver is used, or the LED is overheated, lumen depreciation can accelerate which could eventually cause the overall lamp life to decrease from 80,000+ hours of usage to a mere 10,000 hours.

Using experts like Green Light will make sure your LED lighting upgrades are running properly and efficiently! 


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