New Pressures Rise For Property Owners To Adopt EV Charging

EV Charger plugged-in

The demand for EV charging solutions is higher than ever with a rapidly growing adoption rate to drive Electric vehicles year-over-year.  According to the report, “Renewables On The Rise”, by mid-2021 plug-in electric vehicle sales had surpassed 2 million in the United States alone. Business owners and property managers are facing pressure to accommodate the EV demand for a new generation striving to create an environmentally sustainable planet. Green Light National is here to support this new demand and all the complexities that come along with investing in the right solution.

Three Levels of EV Charging

One of the first things we identify for our clients is the type of charger needed, level 1,2, or 3. Most commercial properties will use level 2 chargers which can be hardwired by our electricians or plugged into a 240v outlet. If you don’t have a 240v outlet readily available, one can be installed by GLN’s licensed electrical team. Manufacturers that design level 2 chargers, frequently add new technologies to their units to make them more versatile and future-proof. After the type of charger is confirmed, we’ll map out a detailed plan for installation and logistics to reroute parking lot accessibility during the project.

GLN Delivers Turn-key Solutions for EV Charging Stations

Another key part of our turn-key solution is our due diligence in researching rebates and incentives to help fund the project. Many local utility companies are allocating money to support the adoption of EV charging equipment. The federal government has also stepped in, providing programs that financially incentivize the installation of electric charging equipment.

Our 10+ years of being in the energy services industry have allowed us to build solid business relationships with quality manufacturers, making Green Light National a top-tier option for all of your EV charging needs. 

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