Enhanced Visibility, Safer Spaces: The LED Impact on Surveillance and Safety

LED Lighting surveillance and safety

Keep your facility well-lit to keep employees and clients happy

Have you ever wondered how well-lit your building is at night and if it truly ensures everyone’s safety? 

You might be surprised at the role lighting plays, not just in energy savings but in bolstering security and safety. This blog will uncover how a simple switch to LED lighting can vastly improve your work environment’s safety and surveillance.

Work Environment Safety: More than Just Compliance

When we talk about LED lighting safety, it isn’t merely about compliance with OSHA foot-candle standards. Proper lighting affects how well employees can see, move around, and perform tasks. The consistent bright illumination of an LED significantly reduces shadowy areas, mitigating potential trip and fall hazards. 

In fact, 100% of the multi-location LED projects we have successfully completed at the corporate level were driven by safety standard improvements alongside sustainable energy-saving goals. This shows that an investment in LED lighting isn’t just about money or environmental benefits; it directly contributes to a safer work environment for employees and customers.

Surveillance: Improved Visual Acuity on Cameras

Even the most advanced surveillance systems can be ineffective without sufficient lighting to capture clear footage at night. To enhance visual acuity on camera, it is crucial to illuminate your exterior property beyond the 5 foot-candle OSHA requirement during nighttime. This will significantly improve the visibility of security footage, making identifying culprits much easier in the unfortunate event of a crime.

Traditional lighting often casts yellow or orange hues, which can distort colors on camera. Conversely, LEDs provide a truer-to-daylight experience, ensuring that the colors captured on your surveillance systems are accurate.

The Security and Safety Bottom Line

Ensuring the safety and security of your facility is of utmost importance for the well-being of both customers and employees. By prioritizing the implementation of LED lighting, you not only demonstrate a commitment to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness but also to enhancing safety and precision in security measures.

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